Some of the books that Darcey has been involved with over the years. Some books may be hard to find, especially her biography, but it is worth looking around for them.

Life in Dance

Life in Dance - Darcey Bussell
Autobiography in Hardback published in 1998

Life in Dance

Life in Dance Paperback - Darcey Bussell
Paperback version published in 1999

Ballet Stories

Ballet Stories - Darcey Bussell
Published in 1999. Audio tape included.

Favourite Ballet Stories

Favourite Ballets - Darcey Bussell
Published in 2002

The Young Dancer

The Young Dancer - Darcey Bussell
Published in 1994

Magic Ballerina

Magic Ballerina - Darcey Bussell
Series of children's book first published in 2008

Darcey Bussell

Photos by Darcey Bussell
Photo book published in 2012

The Ballet Book

The Ballet Book - Darcey Bussell
Published in 2002